How to find the perfect nanny

Finding the perfect nanny can seem like an overwhelming task for many, but lucky for you we can make it easier for you! Twinkle Twinkle Nannies is here to help you finding the perfect nanny for your family!

There’s a huge difference between asking your neighbour’s teen to babysit your children for a few hours and hiring someone who will play a major role in your children’s lives; someone who will be their carer, teacher, confidant and whom your children will look up to and respect. Growing children need solid role-models that make them feel loved, valued, and listened to by the adults in their life so it’s crucial that your nanny holds the same values and expectations as you do.

Firstly, make a list of all the qualities you would like (and not like!) in your potential nanny. Be precise; do you desire an enthusiastic, energetic youth or an older candidate with their own parenting background? Is religion important to you or would you like specific languages spoken in your home? Do you encourage messy-play, or would you prefer your children are kept clean and tidy? Perhaps you’d prefer a ‘manny‘ instead of the typical female carer?

The more specific you can be with your list, the more likely you are to find that special person to join your family. Ask your partner to write down their ideas too and discuss. Your nanny is going to become a major part of your children’ lives, so if he or she is old enough, ask them about the type of person they’d like to play with! Inviting a nanny into your home should be an exciting experience for your children so get them involved in the process so that there are no traumatic surprises and the transition of having another adult in their lives is a fun one – not a frightening one!

Once you and your family have decided on your nanny wish-list, separate the deal breakers from the lesser essential attributes. The deal breakers are the things that you will not budge on; smoking or aloofness for example. These vital standards can help you to structure your interview questions. Maybe you do not believe in punishing your children if they’ve made a mistake; instead of telling your possible nanny this and giving them the opportunity to agree just to please you, ask, “What are your beliefs on discipline?” This way, you’re not influencing your interviewee and you can gauge their natural response, ultimately allowing you to see the true character of your potential nanny.

Other crucial things to consider are the duties involved and what you require. Would you like a part-time, live-out or live-in nanny? Will your nanny need a driver’s licence, and will they need to use their own vehicle to transport your children? Do you have pets who require care? Is your nanny expected to cook and clean? Do your children have any special needs which need to be met? All of these questions need to be addressed during the interview process to enable success so make sure you get them all down on paper.

When you’re happy with your potential nanny’s profile you can start your search! Using a reputable nanny agency takes the stress out of hiring a nanny as they can do they relevant background checks, validate references and inspect credentials for you. A great nanny agency will only ever advertise nannies who hold a flawless work history with long-lasting relationships, so you can be confident that their recommendations for you will be authentic.

Try to interview at least three applicants so that you can explore the different personalities of potential nannies. Make sure all members of your family are present so that you can see how everyone interacts and how your children bond with him or her.

Before you seal the deal; organise a trial. No matter how much you may like your possible nanny, you just don’t know how they’ll get on with the children when you’re not around, so give them the opportunity to test the waters before agreeing to employ them. If the trial is a success, then great! You’ve got yourself a nanny! However, if your children don’t click with their new nanny, do not employ them. At the end of the day, your children will be spending most of their time with the nanny – not you, so listen to your children and make sure that they feel completely comfortable and safe.

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